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From 2002 to 2006: the company to computer peripheral connection design of wire, accumulated rich experience in marketing in the field of the product, companies have been focusing on wire core technology, appearance, structure innovation, adaptation and guide the changes in consumer demand. Each product developed by the company are applied for the national patent of appearance and structure, and through the national quality inspection departments of certification and CE, FCC and other international standards certification.

2007-2013: Millionwell Technology entered the stage of rapid development, the company divested the production function, focusing on computer wire trade and sales, established in the country more than 400 agents, distribution network, at the same time, the success operation Taobao and tmall, Jingdong business outlets; 2010 to begin to implement brand strategy, the creation of a "Shenlandadao" brand, today, "Shenlandadao" has become the "creator of professional computer line of fashion", for the majority of the industry dealers and consumers recognized.

2014-2015: Millionwell Technology by wire products, distribution network and brand management, superior industry experience, again to achieve the transformation and upgrading of strategic development, founded the "iHaitun" brand to subsumes and leading mobile phone data cable, charger, electronic cigarette, car purifier series products development. At the same time, the implementation marketing strategy, through electronic business platform and the existing distribution of networks and the rapid replenishment, also in all the provinces, municipalities directly under the central government shall set up an office, open communication wire market.


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