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The Greek historian Lo Tu Stu in the Yaliweng legend, "a book documented such an incredible story: the protagonist Yaliweng is the 6th century BC, the famous lyric poets and musicians, in an Italian tour by boat to return to Kolintown. On the way, sailor jianqianyanhong in an attempt to murder. At that time, Yaliweng asked him to sing a song, who knows his beautiful song actually attracted the numerous dolphins! He was thrown into the sea at that moment. Together, they put him on the back to the shore. Published in 1949 the natural history magazine, published in Florida lawyer lady by seawater drowning up in a coma, just a matter of life and death, in the vicinity of a dolphin will push her on the beach.


Near these decades, dolphins more and more advantages are summed up, such as Dolphin Nature happy, good performance, simple and honest, sweet, with high intelligence, known as "sea Mastermind", have with different biological ultrasonic perspective and positioning functions such as.

 "iHaitun" brand has thus come, meaning the brand meaning of intelligence, science and technology, happy and rich.




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