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  • QHow to deal with customer service issues?


    Products, logistics, customer service and any other issue to our online customer service to help you solve the menace from the rear.

    We are committed to retail customers for 7 days no reason to return goods and distributor customers enjoy the unconditional return of goods and services, exchange products need an unopened, does not affect the second sale.

  • QHow the agent of our products?


    If we want to do the next line of agency, we will arrange the business marketing staff will contact you for you to discuss specific cooperation matters.

  • QWhat are the company's support for agents?


    The company link is the professional personnel to provide help and support in maintaining agent market development, customer service, customer, and the specific need docking personnel dilate.

  • QI have my own sales channels can be distributed?


    In the case of agent qualification, the company vigorously promote the development of channel agents.

  • QCan I put it on my website sales?


    Yes, but we must obtain the company's sales network authorization.

  • QHow to protect the exclusive agency?


    We are with the cooperation of agents by signing a contract in the form of regional sales agents explicitly stipulated in the contract, can not cross regional sales.

  • QWill not appear out of stock phenomenon?


    Generally not, unless a product is discontinued, we will inform.

  • QThe company has done advertising?


    Company is currently in the nationwide advertising, the company will according to the development of the local market making showcase, door, light boxes, printing, posters, brochures of various forms of propaganda, to enhance the brand awareness and enhance the market sales.

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