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Millionwell technology set up commando market effect


       Recently, the reporter from the Shenzhen Millionwell Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Millionwell") was informed that Millionwell to promote the development of marketing channels, this year to increase the input channel market, set up headed by the director of channels for more than 10 people in the commandos, market rolling cycle support.

据金佳佰业渠道总监吴志强介绍,突击队的组建目的是集中公司优秀营销人才资源,进行重点市场重点突击,实现空白区域代理商开发、代理商发展分销商扶持等功能。首战上海市场,市场业绩不俗,杭州、台州、义务等多地代理商分别开发出数十家分销店,计划中的苏州、南通等地代理商也成功开发 ,突击效果非常明显。

  According toMillionwell channel director Wu Zhiqiang, assault team building purpose is focused company excellent marketing talent resources, focus on market focus Raiders, blank regional development agencies in support, developing agent distributors and other functions to achieve. The first battle of the Shanghai market, market performance is not vulgar, Hangzhou, Taizhou, duty and so on many agents were developed dozens of retail shop, plan of Suzhou, Nantong and other agents also successfully developed, surprise effect is very obvious.


  Millionwell has always stressed that the dealer support, from the agents growth manual, the marketing personnel market guide, the market operation and practical handbook "and other text information provided by marketing personnel on-site to help, feel really Bai Jinjia channels for the development of the market to the determination and efforts to very large, brand explosive force gradually.


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