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(1) Marketing Director / Vice President of marketing

A, job requirements:

1 Age: 30~45;

2, bachelor degree or above, marketing, business management specialty;

3, sales or sales management work for more than 5 years, served as Marketing Director / Vice President of marketing for the same position for more than 3 years relevant job training certificate is preferred;

4, lead the sales team for at least 2 years, the number of teams in more than 10 people have priority, sales channels, market management experience, to adapt to travel.

Two, job responsibilities:

1, marketing management, market research, marketing strategy formulation, sales / brand planning and promotion activities, network promotion planning, planning and management of product development, participate in high-level decision-making;

2, responsible for market research and demand analysis;

3, responsible for the implementation of the annual sales, develop and complete the company sales target;

4, assessment of sales, sales team management, formulate reasonable objectives for the Department staff and provide support;

5, make the sales plan and budget;

6, responsible for sales channels and customer management;

(2) Regional Manager

A, job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the maintenance of regional channel construction, brand promotion, customer relationship; complete the sales duty guarantee.

2, the maintenance of regional market brand image of the company, strictly implement the sales policy of the company, timely to dealers to convey the company's various promotional policies and promotional activities, and supervise the implementation.

3, responsible for the collection of the data of regional distributors, screening, construction, sales of existing customers are reasonable prediction and formulate the corresponding market support plan; collection of the industry which the company belongs the competing products information, understand the market dynamic and timely feedback to company.

4, other temporary matters.

Two, job requirements:

1, male or female, is diligent and flexible, enterprising, good interpersonal relationship, there are more than two years working experience in sales.

2, organization and discipline, high work efficiency, obey the command, the work can be accurately ignored by superiors.

3, college degree or above, sales experience will be appropriate to relax the academic requirements.

(3) Foreign Trade Manager

A, job requirements:

1, led by the Ministry of foreign trade and actively explore the international market, with foreign customers, seeking orders, and leading business negotiation and contract.

2, responsible for the order of foreign trade negotiation, contract signing, document review, order management, transportation, customs clearance, payment etc..

3, responsible for evaluation of foreign trade orders, tracking management and risk control.

4, responsible for business process management and risk control.

5, responsible for the production and supply of goods orders, goods inspection, customs inspection process tracking, timely processing of all aspects of the problems.

6, responsible for customer data, customer requirements and timely feedback and handling.

7, responsible for the performance of the contract and properly handle the emergency situation in the process.

8, responsible for training and guidance to subordinate staff.

9, to develop overseas market information, familiar with, can lead the team to develop the market of foreign trade;

10, honest, responsible and careful with good psychological quality and professionalism, able to work under pressure;

11, quick thinking, mature, teamwork, good communication and coordination ability;

12, complete the temporary work assigned by the company.

Two, qualification:

1, male or female, 25-38 years old, college degree or above, majoring in English, international trade, international trade related major;

2, more than 5 years of experience in foreign trade, proficient in B2B, B2C platform, such as Amazon, eBay, global resources, aliexpress etc.;

3, English level six or equivalent level six;

4, to international business development ability;

5, has the team spirit.

(four) sales manager

A, job requirements:

1 Age: 30-45;

2. Bachelor degree or above, majored in marketing and business management;

3, 5 years of sales management experience, including more than 3 years working experience in electronics industry;

4, the marketing work has a profound understanding, familiar with the enterprise products and business process;

5, sensitive market sense, ability to grasp market dynamics and market direction;

6, excellent communication and coordination skills, strong ability of observation and strain;

7, integrity, honest, mature, open-minded, self-confidence; high work enthusiasm, good team spirit.

Two, job responsibilities:

1, responsible for accept the company assigned to sales center sales target, accounts and budget, is responsible for the regional differentiation, the allocation of customers and receivables assignment in the sales center, complete management of the sales target;

2, responsible for the sales center market strategy and supervise the execution;

3, responsible for the sales center to develop the work schedule and sales incentive;

4, responsible for guiding the supervisor and key customers to business negotiations, to establish a stable relationship between supply and marketing;

5, responsible for guiding the supervisor for customer credit certification work, and the payment of the safe recovery of negative leadership responsibility;

6, responsible for the information collection of the competition in the industry product prices, sales channels and sales promotion, investigation, analysis and forecast of the market situation, and to communicate with the general manager and take corresponding test;

7, responsible for the examination, the Department of personnel management and training;

8, the management of the sales team, sales development, sales policy implementation, to complete the sales task, sales to participate in policy formulation.


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